Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.I have a query related to placing an order?

Simply just mail us a query at

Q2.I am unable to log in on Tifizza?

Take a screenshot of the error message and mail us at

Q3.I have a payment or refund related query?

Simply just mail us a query at

Q4.I have a coupon related query?

Simply just mail us a query at

Q5. I want to sell my tiffin with Tifizza?

Contact us on or email- ,phone : +918824700939.

Q.6.I want to provide feedback?

Go to your ACCOUNT > TAP on HAVE QUERY AND FEEDBACK > fill your feedback and TAP on submit. there any minimum order value?

We have no minimum order value, we accept every amount of order.

Q8.Do you charge for delivery?

NO, but it varies according to where the location is mentioned.

Q9.How long do you take to deliver?

It would take about 45 minutes after the confirmation of your order. Further, the time can vary according to the real-time circumstances also you will be shown the available time slots in which your order can be delivered to you.

Q10.What are your delivery hours?

Our delivery hours depend upon the availability of supply from the kitchens and also vary from location to location.

Q11.Do you support bulk orders?

Yes, we support bulk order from you and for that, you can contact us from the available modes. ( or Phone- +91 8824700939)

Q12.Can I order from any location?

Let us know your location by permitting your GPS through the app and we will look for finding out whether you are in our service area or not, additional charges may apply for distant locations.

Q13.Can I order in advance?

Yes, you can order up to 2 days advance, we also offer a flexible subscription.

Q14.Can I change the address/number after placing the order?

You can make some slight changes in your order after ordering like house no., landmark. Or you can directly contact our executive which is going to deliver your order and update them about the information.

Q15.Did not receive OTP?

In case please check your app has a pending update or email us at

Q16.Deactivate my account?

In case please email us your request at

Q17.Unable to view the details in my profile?

In case please check your app has a pending update or email us at

Q18.I want invoice of my order?

In case please check your app has a pending update or email us at

Q19.How can I become a seller on tifizza?

Contact us on or email- ,phone : +918824700939.

Q20. Other order related issues?

In case please email us your issues at

Q21. How do I know my order is confirmed?

You will receive a notification/SMS on your phone regarding all the essential information about your order. can I get my money refunded to my account?

One we get the refund request, it would take 7-8 business days to refund and reflect your amount in your account . or if you have any other issues you can contact us on email-

Q23.My account got debited but my order is not confirmed?

This may happen sometimes due to server downtime from our payment partners. If the amount has been debited from your account, it will be refunded back to you within 7-8 business days. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by us and would be glad to serve you further. We request you to go ahead and place a new order.

Q24.Is the food fresh and healthy?

Yes, we assure you that you will get the best quality food and your food is made with the healthiest ingredients and we send you your food in disposable plates.

Q25.Who is preparing the Tiffin?

We promise you that you will get the feeling of homemade food and so it is prepared by high class experienced chefs and housewives with love and passion which will reflect in your tiffin.

Q26.Can I schedule my Tiffin delivery?

Yes, you can order and schedule your tiffin delivery time according to your convenience.

Q27.What are the modes of payment available?

We offer you two main modes of payment which are cash on delivery and all modes of paytm payments.